"Don't Worry, Be Happy"

That was a great song, but how do you actually live your life without worry?? Unless you're on some kind of permanent vacation, how do you find happiness in a world that has so many challenges and tragedies? How do you manage to keep your balance between work and life without letting stress overtake you? Wouldn't it be great if we really could stop worrying and be happy?

Do You Believe???

You can have all the money in the world, a truckload of friends, a great career, a loving partner and any other trappings of what "should" make you happy, but if you don't believe in yourself, you will not truly be happy or at peace. When it all comes down to it, many people struggle with self-image and self-doubt and work hard to appear "ok" but are not doing so well on the inside...

Mindful or Mind Full???






Well, Which Are You??? Is your mind going a mile a minute? Are you feeling scattered or overwhelmed? Is the committee speaking inside your head creating a constant chatter that you can't seem to shut out??? Or, are you able to calm the chaos and realize that you can only tackle one thing at a time? Are you taking time to breathe? Are you being mindful of what you need to stay balanced and healthy?

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