Trouble With Tilapia!






Trouble?? Isn't fish healthy? Tilipia is affordable and doesn't taste "fishy," so what's wrong with it?? Why is there any trouble with tilapia??

Fish is usually a good choice when you want a high protein, low fat food with many health benefits. But unfortunately, farmed-raised fish is a whole different subject and especially for tilapia...

I'm Eating What???!!






More and more information is starting to come out regarding what is really in our food and what isn't on the food labels!

By now you may have heard about the yoga mat materials in Subway sandwich breads as well as other fast food breads and muffins. But it might surprise you to you know about some of the other "hidden" ingredients in foods you are probably still eating every day...

Celery's Health Benefits Just Might Surprise You...






Ok, maybe celery is not one of those vegetables that you think has much to offer... Maybe you walk right by it in the grocery aisle, or maybe it always ends up in the bottom of your vegetable bin in the refrigerator... But I think you might want to give it a second glance when you discover some of it's healthy benefits. (If nothing else, it's a good place to smear your almond or peanut butter) :-)

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